Around the House

This is probably the easiest place that a child has to go barefoot on a regular basis. Both while in and out of the house, kids can easily be without footwear and not have to worry about the pressures of society.

Kids sitting in a circleOne slight exception to being barefoot at home may be while in the kitchen and working with sharp objects. Dropping a knife on a bare foot, or hand, can be dangerous. However, it’s much more likely that hands and fingers would be injured than feet.

Make a house rule that only bare feet are allowed. It will help to decrease wear and tear on floors help make friends comfortable when visiting. If parents ask about the rule, it gives great opportunity to spread the awareness of the benefits of going without footwear.Two boys on the couch

In colder climates, such as Iowa, blankets can be used to keep warm if needed or just becoming more active will help warm cold feet. Therefore, if not already, leave the shoes and socks off at home and not give them another thought until heading out, and not necessarily even then.

When going to a friend’s house, just think of footwear as formal attire, and not a requirement. Leave the shoes at home in the closet, they will be one less item to remember when going home.

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