Cold Weather

Letting your child go outside in the cold, and even snow, is likely the last thing parents would think to allow, and rightly so. However, with proper precaution, even the cold of winter is a time when children can go out barefoot.

Snow boyThe key when going out in the cold is to keep the body’s core temperature warm. Since feet are as far away from the body’s core as possible, it’s not a problem to stay warm. This is definitely a time to take slow when getting used to being barefoot; so slow that you may only start with a few seconds at a time. If your child’s feet start getting numb or sore though, it’s time to warm up again. If it is Rolling in snowtoo cold outside for any exposed skin; then that would be a time to stay with minimalist shoes outside. Better yet, stay in the house by a warm fireplace.

When your child is familiar with being outside barefoot in the cold, it can be done just like the rest of the year. Some studies suggest it can even help build the immune system. However, this is a time for parental guidance and the use of extreme caution. Shoes need to be considered as tools to be used when necessary, just like gloves. If you need gloves to endure the cold then footwear is likely a requirement as well. However, just as gloves come off when going inside from the cold, make sure to remove the footwear as well. It will help to make it more mainstream and allow opportunity for education.