Shopping Barefoot

Going out on the town for a day of shopping is also a great opportunity to go barefoot. Be it just window shopping, going through the mall, or a department store, each opportunity provides contact with the outside world or cool Reaching the bottom shelftextures of an indoor market.

Some stores will claim that shoes are required, and that it’s even a federal or state law. While it’s true that an individual store may have such a policy, a quick look will show that no state has such codes. In restaurants, it is more likely that bare hands, which are common, will Happy shoppercause more of a health risk than bare feet. While hands are generally used to work with utensils and handle food, a person’s feet simply contact the floor. As with cooking at home, some caution against dropping a knife or hot food on to bare skin should be taken, especially for young children.

Further indoor excursions such as touring a museum, going to the library, or to a movie are also easy opportunities for kids to stay barefoot. In some countries, it is common to see barefoot patrons in stores.