One of the places you expect to find bare feet is around water related activities. Feeling the water on your feet is just Barefoot trailpart of the experience and lets you know to expect warm or cold conditions.

SplashingUnfortunately, the shoe industry has made footwear for wet activities, but they are not needed. Feet have better traction than any shoe and are great for running on the beach. If you’re at a natural water source and are fearful of submerged items, bare feet are still useful. You can feel an object faster without footwear and can react more quickly. Do what is expected around water and skip the footwear.

If you’re traveling to or from the water source, don’t bother with shoes then either. For summer visits to the local pool, it’s a great way to ease into barefooting. If someone asks where are your shoes, you can rightly say you are going to, or from, the pool and didn’t feel the need to bring any. So the next time your family heads out to swim, leave the shoes at home and enjoy the day.