Creation Evidence

We live in a time that many people take man’s word and try to fit it in the Bible. This is especially true with the age of the earth, evolution, and the flood of Noah. I have often heard people trying to get more evidence for creation than evolution. No matter how hard you try, it won’t happen. Everyone has the same earth, the same rocks, and the same physical material to examine. The difference is how that evidence is interpreted.

Most people don’t realize it, but everyone has a starting assumption from which they view the world. Generally, you either see that God created everything a few thousand years ago or all that we see today has come about through random evolutionary chance. Many Christians also try to combine these two forms of origins, but it ends up with the infallible Word of God being edited.

Dating methods such as carbon dating, radiometric dating, and online dating (maybe not the last one) assume starting conditions in the past that we can’t test. That’s how rocks of known ages, like from Mt. St. Helens in 1980, end up with ages of nearly 2 million years. If we know we can’t use these methods for rocks of known age, how can we trust them with unknown ages?

Other dating methods such as helium in rocks, carbon in diamonds, and other methods point to a young earth of a few thousand years. It is an area I am very interested in and have studied many books and videos. It is also a topic I would be happy to preach on at an interested church. For further research of your own, read information available at Answers in Genesis or the Institute for Creation Research.